Due to liability issues, all sales on ammo are final.

5000% Brass-Clad Performance Guaranteed

AngelFire ammunition are guaranteed to go "BANG!" every time you pull the trigger.


If you experienced an ammunition-related misfire while using PatriotMax or AngelFire ammunition, we'll make it right by sending you a whole new 50-round box, if you follow these simple instructions.

1. Place the following in a FedEx Ground or UPS Ground envelope:

  • The faulty round
  • Your original purchase receipt
  • Brief description of what happened
  • Your shipping address

2. Ship package to:

AngelFire Ammunition 
ATTN: 5000% Guarantee 
915 East Jesuit Ln 
Saint Marys, KS 66536

Be sure the shipping agent is aware that the package contains ammunition and that he/she affixes the D.O.T.'s Limited Quantity hazmat identifier (pictured below) to the package. Alternately, you can click the logo to the right, print the image, and affix it yourself.

DOT Limited Quantity Hazmat Identifier



When we receive your package, someone from our Ammunition Quality Control team will inspect the faulty round. If it's our ammunition (when you're as passionate about your product as we are, it's easy to tell) and if it's our fault, we'll ship you a whole 50-round box... no questions asked.