9MM 147-Grain Ammo


AngelFire Ammo's 147-grain 9MM bulk ammo is designed specifically for competition shooters. Competition shooters demand a bit more of their ammunition that the typical range ammo or target ammo can provide. 
Not only do they need ammo that measurably more accurate than most, they need it to meet league power factor requirements, yet low-recoil for fast follow-up shots, and still be competitively priced.

AngelFire 147gr 9MM is not only a stellar competition ammo, it's also subsonic, making it perfect for use in suppressed firearms. So, whether you need an edge on the competition or you want to experience the full benefits of your suppressor, AngelFire 147-grain 9MM is exactly what you're looking for.

And because it's backed by AngelFire's industry-leading 5000% Brass-Clad Performance Guarantee, you can trust that your money was well spent.