Though the majority of the United States does not regulate the shipment or receiving of ammunition by law-abiding citizens, there are a few areas that restrict the receipt of ammunition from online retailers. Please see the list below for legal restrictions for online purchases.*

• Ammunition cannot be shipped to:

- PO Boxes
- APOs
- Alaska
- Hawaii
- Washington DC
- New York City

• Customers from the following states must email a copy of their FOID/FID/Concealed Carry License to

- Massachusetts
- Illinois
- Connecticut

• Orders shipping to following areas must ship to an FFL or DOJ-Approved Ammunition Vendor and have them email their appropriate documentation to, referencing your order number:

- New York State (List of FFLs by Zip)
- Legal Reference

- California (List of FFLs by Zip)
- Legal Reference

We will do our best to stay up-to-date on changes to applicable state and local laws. However, if you believe that our shipping rules are not in line with the laws as you understand them, please feel free to send supporting documentation to