Gender Reveal Exploding Target Kit - Boy

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• 1 lb Exploding Gender Reveal Kit - Boy - Single Pack


Unique gender reveals are all the rage these days. Why not announce the gender of your baby in a way sure to have everyone talking ... with a bang!

Sonic Boom Exploding Targets are the measure by which all other binary targets are measured.

Sourced from the purest raw ingredients available, Sonic Boom Targets produce the most impressive explosions and biggest booms of any exploding target on the market.

The blaze orange jar makes it visible at virtually any distance.

With non-hazardous and non-toxic individual stable chemicals, Sonic Boom's two part mixture is easy to mix and easy to use. The directions are simple: Mix ... and shoot.

To remain safe, a minimum distance of at least 50 yards from exploding target is required.

To activate explosion, shooter must use a center fire rifle projectile, weighing at least 40 grains, traveling at a minimum of 2200 fps. For best performance, we suggest use of a FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) round.

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