223 55GR - REMAN (CASE/500Rds)

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• Caliber: .223
• Case: Brass
• Bullet Type: Hornady Full Metal Jacket
• Primer: Boxer
• Bullet Weight: 55 Gr
• Bullet Velocity: 2800-3000 Fps (Varies with Barrel Length)
• 500 Rounds, Bulk-Packed in Single 500-Round Bag

Ammunition must ship via regular ground service (Fedex, UPS). Please be aware of local ammunition shipping legalities.



11 Reviews

Chance May 9th 2018

Good Stuff

I've shot about 3,000 flawless rounds so far. Nice tight groups, reliable, and fairly priced.

Josh Feb 16th 2018

223 Ammo

Received my first order this past Wednesday, looks amazing even better then some factory new ammo. Have already put in my second order. Haven’t gotten a chance to make it to the range yet but definitely looking forward to it. Also definitely looking forward to 40cal

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